This is the time for a community to stand together (at a distance of course).

We at SH realise the world feels like it’s a story being written by Stephen King. 

Conforming to new restrictions set by government we are only able to open from 9am. And have to close at 1pm on Sundays and Public Holidays. That’s plenty of time to come to us!

Since Monday we have taken measures (detailed below) amidst the growing realization that COVID has come to RSA. Added to these measures taken in store if you would rather order a take away from our menu we will add a scrumptious piece of our cake. Give us a call on 011 425 2566 and we will have it ready for you to collect. Our waitresses will even come to your car with the credit card machine should that make you feel more comfortable. 

Take care of yourselves. Sending virtual love and hugs. 

Below our measures in store:

At Social House we realise the concern for public safety, we have therefore implemented the following measures:

  • This menu is disposable- it will be thrown away after you have used it.
  • Each patron will be given hand sanitizer on entering the premises.
  • The bathroom has anti-bacterial soap as well as “normal” soap.
  • The tables and chair backs will be wiped down with sanitizer before each customer is seated. As well as sugar pot, S&P shakers.
  • We will no longer be giving the bill in a book, it will be presented on its own.
  • The credit card machine will be sanitised after each customer.
  • We would prefer if you did not use the pen on credit card payments, rather verbally inform your waitron if you would like to add a tip.
  • Our kitchen has always had high hygiene standards, these will be increased.
  • Any staff member displaying symptoms will be sent home.
  • Disciplinary action for staff not following the new increased hygiene standards.
  • We wanted the staff to “moon-walk” back from hand washing but was told this would discriminate against non-dancers.